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Top 10 Extremly Dangerous Sports! [VIDEO]

November 15, 2010 |  
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bull riding 400 Top 10 Extremly Dangerous Sports! [VIDEO]

Here is a collection of 10 videos with the most extreme and dangerous sports!

10 Street Luging

Climb up on a skateboard and roll down. Reach high speed and try not to die.

09 Heli-Skiing

It is very dangerous because most of heliskiers risk to be takedown by avalanches. They pay a lot of money to reach untouched snowcaps, where they leap onto virgin slopes.

08 Big-Wave Surfing

07 Bull Riding

Bull riding is a rodeo sport that involves a rider getting on a large bull and attempting to stay mounted for at least eight seconds while the animal attempts to buck off the rider. The rider tightly fastens one hand to the bull with a long braided rope. It is a risky sport and has been called “the most dangerous eight seconds in sports.

06 Bull Running

The Running of the Bulls is a sport that involves running in front of bulls that had been let loose on a course in town.The most runnings is in Pamplona, Spain, Portugal.

05 Cheerleading

04 Motorcycle Racing

Motorcycling is the most dangerous motorsport in the world.Drivers must maintain their balance while driving through all obstacles.

03 High Altitude Climbing

02 BASE Jumping

01 Cave Diving

Cave diving is a type of technical diving in which specialized SCUBA equipment is used to enable the exploration of natural or artificial caves which are at least partially filled with water. In the UK it is an extension of the more common sport of caving, and in the US an extension of the more common sport of SCUBA diving. It is much more rarely practiced due to the skills and equipment required, and because of the high potential risks.

Despite these risks, water-filled caves attract SCUBA divers, cavers, and speleologists due to their often unexplored nature, and present divers with a technical diving challenge. Caves often have a wide range of unique physical features, such as stalactites and stalagmites, and can contain unique flora and fauna not found elsewhere.

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