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Don’t be the first to fall asleep

September 26, 2013 | AUTHOR:  
IN: Funny sept 2013 Don’t be the first to fall asleepI was listening to some Asher Roth remembering my college days and why I loved them so much when I came across this picture that reminded me to never be the first dude to fall asleep at a party. Basically if you’re the first to fall asleep you’re the first to get targeted for pranks and dumb shit. Mainly being a canvas for drunken Picasso’s and a coat rack for bras, panties and cowboy hats. So let this be a lesson if you’re drunk at a party crash at home but never in the party or you end up like this guy.

Come In for a pint

September 26, 2013 | AUTHOR:  
IN: Funny june 2013 Come In for a pintI was in California more specifically in Malibu and I saw this sign on the side of a bar it was probably the most honest one I think I had ever seen. When you go out for a drink and your beer goggles get tied on more tightly you tend to not care about what the chick looks like. I mean if you are drunk and single you tend to take whatever comes your way. Nothing says bumping uglies like a few pints and shots of Patron at the bar with a hottie you just met.

Gotta Love the Japanese

August 27, 2013 | AUTHOR:  
IN: amazing, Funny Aug 2013 Gotta Love the JapaneseThere is something you have got to love about the Japanese and their sense of style, apparently they have a holiday once a year where students don’t go to school with pants on. It’s actually ok for them to arrive in their skivvies and tops covered but with their G-strings and undies in plain view for everyone to see. This is a holiday that needs to become an adopted one by North Americans since it would surely reduce tensions during exam time. Help celebrate the first Friday in May next year by going pant less.


July 29, 2013 | AUTHOR:  
IN: Bizarre, Funny, WTF

It’s hard to figure out what this picture really depicts, is he throwing up into old faithful? Or is it puking into his mouth. Either way camera trickery like this or what they call trompe l’oeil is always interesting to see. It’s really like creating another story to the story being captured on film. Tons of people do this on a regular a recent check on social media sites will show that this is tame as far as these go. You can do anything with technology these days all you have to is want to. July 2013 WTF???

Funny Doggie!

May 22, 2013 | AUTHOR:  
IN: Funny may 2013 Funny Doggie!Tell me who doesn’t love stupid and humorous dog pics. Dogs are funny and do really funny things that us humans always find endearing. It just makes you want to go out and either adopt one or buy one at the pet store. I don’t have that issue since my dog does funny stupid things all the time and we all get a good laugh out of it, just like the time we came home to see that he had eaten my wife’s lube and chewed her dildo to shreds. I guess you can’t leave that stuff lying around without taking a chance when you own a dog.

Don’t be the first to fall asleep at a party

April 25, 2013 | AUTHOR:  
IN: Photoshop april 2013 Dont be the first to fall asleep at a partyYou know what they say about being the first to fall asleep at a party, make sure that all the markers are hidden away from your drunken friends…here is what happened to my kid brother when we all got wasted the other weekend. I know I should have known better but I couldn’t help but laugh my ass off when I say what was written on his chest and that they used my beard trimmer to put a line in his hair. I also am not allowed to throw parties with my college friends anymore but this pic was worth it even if it caused so much trouble for the parents.

A chuckle here and there kills stress!

March 25, 2013 | AUTHOR:  
IN: Funny

www idiotduck com march 2013 A chuckle here and there kills stress!
Who doesn’t need to get a good laugh in from time to time. Most people tend to take life too seriously, but this just causes us to overlook all of the good and fun that is right in front of us. Sometimes, that little laugh is all you need to begin looking on the bright side of life. This is exactly why I have started visiting the website every day. It is content that is safe to look at when you’re at work when you’ve had a bad day, and you can share with that coworker who could use a little pick me up.

Take It Down A Notch!

February 26, 2013 | AUTHOR:  
IN: Funny

idiotduck Take It Down A Notch!
We live in crazy times, where most of us are on the go and rarely take a moment for ourselves. Yet, they say that laughter is the best medicine as it can reduce stress—and who doesn’t need some stress relief! That is why I make it a point to visit the idiot duck blog on a regular basis. The safe for work content ensures that I can get a laugh even when I am on break and need an instant stress reliever. It’s ever better when I can share a funny with those around me who also tend to be pretty stressed!

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